Imagining too much and forgetting my duties.

“My besetting sin is imagining too much and forgetting my duties.”

– Anne of Green Gables.

^That has been true of me as long as I can remember:) But I now find myself as a 28 year old homemaker, with two little girls to take care of and a house to run, seeking to find ways to do all things involved there more gracefully and efficiently.

I am creative, which now is mostly expressed in decorating my home, because I can hardly think straight to :actually sit down make things: like I used to- but! I do dream and pray that can be part of my life again someday! I’ll blog about those sorts of things.

This blog will be a little journal for me, with hopes to encourage other Moms who, like me and Anne, aren’t as naturally gifted in homemaking things- but who so desire to learn and grow! I dream of having a beautiful garden and a close-knit family, both of which require hard work and patience– two things which I didn’t realize :don’t: come naturally to me until I became a Mom!

I’ll write about how God is stretching me and showing me my weaknesses and turning them into something beautiful for His glory. I hope to encourage other ladies out there to do the same with the circumstances in which God has you.

Besides that, I’ll probably go on about my favorite vintagey things such as floral wallpaper and mix-matched china plates,

And butter, and the Bible– also vintage, right? 😉

My hope is that this can be a happy, uplifting place for friends and family to stop by- rather than leaving feeling bogged down and guilty and wondering why you ever go online!! Or am I the only one who feels like that when scrolling blogs and social media?

Okay, bye for now:) Thanks for stopping by, I’ll be back soon!


^My 2 year old Sadie, with messy hair and bare feet and her dress up clothes.

2 thoughts on “Imagining too much and forgetting my duties.

  1. Aurélie saw the picture of Sadie in her dress and exclaimed, “Oh, she’s so pretty! What’s her name?! Oh, I like her dress!” 🙂


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