How I got Lyme Disease, and how I am treating it.

I really don’t want this to become a Lyme Disease blog, but, lots of people ask me these questions and I am not the most articulate person! So I thought I’d write a post.

*Side note* Ever since I shared my post last week, I get a nervous shiver down my spine whenever I remember that like everyone I know can read my thoughts! I’m not sure why it feels so much more vulnerable than what I would normally post on social media, or what I see others post on social media?? But I’ll get over it, hehe. Blogging will be fun and helpful for me, and I hope to be an encouragement! Also, I hope to not always be talking about such serious topics, hehe, but to also share favorite recipes and home décor, or my new vintage table cloth I found at a yard sale for $4.00. Things like that. ❤

So, how did I get Lyme disease? The short answer is: I don’t know.

And when did I get it? I’m not quite sure either.

I did not have a “bulls eye” rash. That’s another question I get asked a lot.


But I can tell you that everyone in Lancaster county is talking about it. And everyone in the surrounding counties too!

In May, I took my girls to visit a camp I grew up going to, about an hour away. We stopped for lunch and there was a group of 3 older men a few tables away. They were loudly exchanging stories of a friend who had just discovered he had Lyme for years. They talked loudly about this friend’s “brain fog”, and insomnia, and joint pain. And, “When we were kids, we were outside all the time and never had to worry about ticks!” I wondered if they would want to know that the Mom a few tables across the room had a similar experience to their friend ! I felt like I should go up and say “Hey, me too!” , but I didn’t. ;]

I volunteered in the Spring to help at a fair at my old job, but I had to cancel after I had been feeling so sick. I emailed the man in charge of things, whom I’d never met, to let him know my situation. He wrote back saying he would pray for me! His wife was recovering from Lyme and he knew how hard it could be.

The lady at the front desk at the blood work lab, when I got my positive results back, told me about her adult daughter who was sick in bed for months until she recovered. She gave me the name of the place she had her treatment.

I ran into a friend at the chiropractor, and she asked what I was coming in for. when I told her I just found out I had Lyme disease, she said she was there to be checked for Lyme too! She texted me later that it was positive on her test.

A lady at Crossfit told me that both her daughter and her husband had it, and “half the people” on her street.

There are at least 4 or 5 other ladies at my church who have, or have had it. Which is a blessing to be able to glean wisdom and advice from them.

But, it is just so strange how prevalent this is! Whenever I tell a new person about my situation, 9 times out of 10, someone has a story of a friend or family member who is going through it.

M. Night Shyamalan should make another PA-based scary film on it, because it’s really kinda creepy!


All that to say, I got it somewhere in the course of my normal life in PA. I wonder if I got it this time last year, because I really started to struggle with a lot of physical anxiety symptoms. I really felt like my body was weak and something was going on.

But it wasn’t until this past February when my joints started to hurt a lot, and I just felt like something was off. After research, I thought I maybe had a thyroid disease. But my family doctor recommended I check for Lyme too, just in case. My chiropractor also saw Lyme in my muscle testing, which I got confirmed with blood work.

Which leads me into how we are treating.

So, I do love natural health – I think it’s so cool how many things we can treat naturally, and it causes me to worship God in my heart. It makes me happy when I can find a natural way to treat something, or to learn new things about the value of whole foods nutrition and things like that.

But, I also have to be really careful to not let it become an idol in my heart, or a way that I feel like I can obtain holiness and peace apart from Christ! Also, I really am always double checking to make sure my husband is in agreement with the ways I desire for it to be a part of our family life.

All that to say and a long story short, we are doing antibiotics!

My chiropractor, who is holistically minded, actually recommended I take them. If you know what muscle testing is, I “test strong” for them every time. And for my husband, when my weird natural doctor, and our respectable family doctor, are both recommending the same thing-  it seems wise to start there. And I feel good about doing what my husband feels good about. 🙂

Alongside my antibiotic, I am also doing weekly procedures at the chiropractor’s office to assist in healing and pain relief, and also help with any negative effects of my antibiotic. I am taking a bunch of herbal supplements and a hardcore probiotic too.

I also am trying to be careful to be healthy in what I eat, mostly not too much sugar or refined carbs, and to go to Crossfit as much as I can. I notice such a difference in how I feel when I can commit to those things! But I also apply Grace there, because I just can’t keep up with them as perfectly as I’d like to!

So, that’s where we’re at. Sometimes I feel a little like an imposter of a natural-health-loving-person, but we truly have peace for antibiotics now. Lyme is a bacteria, and if we can kill it, we’re going to try!

From what we have read and seen, the 100% natural route can take years to fully heal someone. And I have a home and family to take care of and I don’t feel like I have years to lay on the couch! We would like to have more children, and get on with our life, Lord Willing. 🙂

God promises to use trials for good, and we truly have seen that in our life. We are growing closer together as a family, and God hasn’t left us to fend for ourselves.

There are many days when I struggle of course, and wish we didn’t have to deal with this! But we’ve seen Him lead us through it all, just as He always will. We are trusting Him. Psalm 23 comes to mind often: Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life.



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