“Blessed Discovery!” (How Feeling Like A Bad Mom Made Me a Better Mom Today)

This morning,
with sleepy-eyes and a mug of coffee,
I read over my journal entry from 24 hours before, which began,
” Lord, I was such a bad Mom yesterday! I need Your help today.”
& Unfortunately,
I could have written that :exact same thing: again, THIS MORNING,
as I reflected on the hours that followed my scribbled down prayer yesterday.
Yep, I had not done well yesterday either.
But before I could get discouraged, I remembered something one of our pastors said recently. He said that we shouldn’t just say “Jesus died for my sins.” Of course He did~! but,
that’s so general, and so rote,
and therefore, so hard to apply to daily life at times.
Instead we can be specific. Like this:
Jesus died for my anger and impatience;
for when I yell at my kids, though I promised myself I’d never be that way!
Jesus died for my selfishness;
for when I push my girls away; for when I “can’t even” .
Jesus died for the times I despise my lot and boundary lines;
for when I dream up ways to escape my responsibilities!
Jesus died for my lack of love and kindness toward my children;
for when I see them as burdens and not as sweet blessings.
Jesus died for when I forget God’s goodness and faithfulness and sovereignty;
when I run to HaloTop icecream, and mindless Facebook scrolling for comfort,
instead of to Him.
Jesus died for my worst days as a Mom!
Not only that, He lived a perfect life for me—
He lived a kind and loving and patient and selfless, joyful life,
which was *full of hope and trust* in the Father’s faithfulness and goodness,
and He “set that to my account. ”
His righteous, selfless life counts for my unrighteous, selfish one!
& Suddenly, being a Mom doesn’t feel like such a burden,
such a hard & thankless calling, but a gift from God.
There’s no room for guilt and condemnation here.
Just sweet communion with the One who made me and loves me, and died that I might live.
“Laden with guilt and full of fears, I saw my Savior as my Substitute, and I laid my hand upon him; oh! how timidly at first, but courage grew and confidence was confirmed until I leaned my soul entirely upon him; and now it is my unceasing joy to know that my sins are no longer imputed to me, but laid on him, and like the debts of the wounded traveller, Jesus, like the good Samaritan, has said of all my future sinfulness, Set that to my account.'” Blessed discovery! Eternal solace of a grateful heart!” – Charles Spurgeon, Morning & Evening, April 13th PM

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